The guiding principles behind creating an enchanting relationship


About the authors


Susie Ambrose

After training as a psychoanalyst and working within the NHS, Susie chose to open her own psychotherapy clinic. Assertive and hard-working, Susie was dedicated to turning her vision into reality. In 2001 she founded Seventy Thirty, the first exclusive matchmaking company for a sophisticated clientele. She has a team of highly trained and experienced psychologists and relationship experts who work to find members their perfect partner. Susie has created a sophisticated business designed to serve a basic human need. Susie’s previous books include Exclusive Matchmaking and Happy Gay Marriage & Successful Gay Dating


Dr Georgina Barnett

Georgina has a doctorate in Counselling Psychology and has worked for fifteen years in the fields of therapy, coaching and group facilitation. She is passionate about helping people fulfil their potential and achieve their goals. Over the past five years she has dedicated herself to the area of relationships and matchmaking, and continues to coach and write on these subjects. 


Seventy Thirty - Exclusive Matchmaking


We dedicate this book to our amazing members and coaching clients, both past and present. We feel privileged to have been part of your journey. We would also like to thank the people we love who have contributed to our insights into the world of romance. 

Useful mottos



Each partner in the relationship should play an equal role. There should be a balance in what the two parties contribute to the relationship in order to create a workable status quo. You do not have to contribute the same things; the key is to show that you are putting in as much as you would like to receive in terms of love, support and communication.  


Kindness is key


The golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated by them allows us to reap rewards in our relationships. Furthermore, by being kind to others we are inadvertently also helping ourselves: improving our mood, strengthening our self-respect and confidence and making ourselves more attractive to others.


Set relationship goals


More people fail to make a relationship work because they think romance should ‘just happen’ than for any other reason. The fact is, people who are successful at maintaining an amazing relationship are proactive and positive about it. Somehow it doesn’t seem ‘sexy’ to think about goal-setting in terms of relationships.